Remote Collaboration Workshop

Pilar Orti hosted a fantastic session for us on remote collaboration with some great tips for how to work remotely effectively, using the concept of visible teamwork to help team members feel connected and aligned.

Although we couldn’t record the whole session as we worked in break-out groups you can hear the theories and some great tips on these two recordings. There are some other great resources from Pilar’s work shared below.


Part 1

Part 2

Session resources - Slides

Click on the image to see the slides from the session. These will give you an overview of what is to come in the in the session.

Follow Up Materials to “Remote Collaboration” workshop

The Five Levels of Remote Work, where Matt Mullenweg from Auttomatic explains the different stages organisations go through when making the transition to remote.

And here’s Pilar’s version:

Key Mindset Changes for the New Remote Manager 

Here are some links to 21st Century Work Life episodes. If you prefer to read, the show notes are worth a look, they’re a good summary.

WLP262: Building a Routine and Building a Network When Working from Home

WLP257 Shaping Culture in Virtual Organisations 

WLP236 Hiring Remotely

WLP219 Onboarding (or Integration) in Remote Teams 

Complementary download Ebook (all formats) : Thinking Remote – A collection of blog posts on leading remote teams.

Leading through Visible Teamwork PDF (no email required)


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