Raising your profile

These are the slides from the live session on 17th July 2019.

This is the toolkit of ideas from the live session on 17th July 2019. We challenged each person to commit to at least one (or to come up with one of their own) to do and report back on next month – what did you choose?

Many studies provide evidence that supports what we already know to make sense; that we have to be visible to progress. Here are a few quick and easy ways to raise your profile at work. 

Here are some examples of “Impactful Introductions” to inspire you and help you create your own. 

Adapt your introduction for the audience – what do they need to know about you? What matters to them? What will best position you for success?  You might want to have one version for external clients and one for internal project teams, for instance.

Sharon Allen, Retired Chairman of the Board at Deloitte LLP, shares her advice for women looking to advance. 

Joan Amble, board member in financial services shares her advice on speaking up to raise your profile & ensure your aspirations & needs are known. 

For a key insights tip sheet from this video click here

Women often describe the idea of raising their profile as “showing off” or “icky” but it doesn’t need to be that way! 

This toolkit has 21 “non icky” ways to start to raise your profile at work. We’ll be looking at these & others in more detail later in the programme but bonus points if you start doing any of them today – especially the least icky of all – number 1.  


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